1-1. Is it possible to apply a discount for large quantities ?

We can usually offer attractive prices for large quantities. To get a customized offer please contact us through the contact form providing all the details of your company, which gas you need and the exact quantity you would like to buy.


2-1. Is there a law that regulates the purchase and use of A/C gases in the European community ?

Yes, the handling / buying of fluorinated gases (F-GAS) is subject to the new F-GAS 517/2014 law.

If your activities are included in the article 10 of this law, you are (or the company is) subject to have a valid certification in case of purchase of F-GAS.

2-2. I am a professional user and I have an F-GAS license (or my company have), can we buy F-GAS ?

Yes, you can buy.

2-3. We don't have any F-GAS license, can we buy F-gas ?

As confirmed by the local environment ministry (in cooperation with the European Community), about gas with a high GWP value, you can buy it only if you declare during the purchase process that the product is intended for activities NOT included in the art. 10 of the CEE law 517/2014 in force. In this case, the customer assumes full legal responsibility for a false declaration. We  remember that we must keep the sales book with the names of the customers and make it available to the authorities. You will be asked for this declaration during checkout and this declaration will be also registered.

2-4. We are retailers/resellers and we do not have an F-GAS license, can we buy it for resale ?

Yes, you can buy. Resale is an activity not included into the Art. 10 of the above law (you will be asked for this declaration during checkout and this declaration will be also registered).


3-1. Are there any additional taxes / duties expected after the purchase ?

Being the goods sent within the European Community (we only deliver to CEE countries), there isn't any additional tax or custom. The price paid will be the final price to receive the merchandise at your address.

3-2. Can I buy without paying VAT ?

All companies classified as intra-community (CEE) operators  can buy without paying VAT. To get VAT exemption during checkout you have to proceed this way :

1- Your company's VAT number must be registered in the E.U. VIES system (contact your local tax agency if not).

2- This VAT / VIES number must be correctly entered and verified in your account (My account --> My addresses section). You can do it yourself or contact our customer service throught the contact form.

3-3. Can I have regular billing ?

If you have correctly entered all your company data during checkout/registration process a regular invoice is usually automatically made and sent to your account e-mail within 7 days after the purchase. However, local regulations concerning e-commerce do not involve mandatory invoicing to individuals nor to company for which all tax data has not been correctly entered. You can ask for more or for your invoices also through the contact form ("billing" option).

3-4. Can I pay by cash on delivery ?

All orders must be prepaid, cash on delivery is not available.

3-5. What are the possible terms for pick up and pay at your warehouse ?

Please contact our customer service to evaluate this option.



4-1. Where do you deliver ?

This web is dedicated to the distribution / sale in all CEE countries.

4-2. Where are the goods shipped from ?

We have warehouses in several EU countries (GERMANY, ITALY, POLAND, FRANCE etc.), the transit times are very similar.

4-3. Is there any supplement for remote areas  ?

Some remote areas (especially small islands or remote mountain villages) require a supplement but it cannot be automatically calculated by the shopping cart. It is possible that you will be asked for it after making the purchase. In case you do NOT want to pay any supplement, we can cancel the order and refund you immediately.

4-4. Which carriers do you use ? How long does the delivery take ?

We use standard forwarders ( GLS / DHL / TNT / DPD etc.) for small quantities and groupage carriers for large quantities (VTL / BRING etc.). The transit time may vary from 2 to 7 days depending on the zip code and the quantity.

4-5. Could you deliver / export outside the European community ?

This is not possible directly from our company. We also advise that we can't provide any documentation about export, nor special packaging for sea/air transport, nor IATA docs/infos. Your company will have to deal with these aspects without our ads if you would like to send these kind of goods outside the European Union.

4-6. Is it possible to pick up the goods from your warehouse with our truck ?

This is possible, but it is necessary to make arrangements with our customer service.

4-7. How are the goods packaged ?

Small quantities are packaged in carton boxes (anonymous parcels), large quantities are usually sent on EURO-PALLET.



5-1. Do you have gas R22 / R12 ?

R22 and R12 are strictly prohibited within the European Community. We sell the R422 which is currently the best replacement for R422. Please consider that the system must be totally discharged before being charged with the new gas (the old gas should never be mixed with the new one). All other components are compatible and do not require modifications. About R12, we don't provide any replacement product anymore.

5-2. Is there a product warranty?

We provide a 12-month European standard warranty on all products. About loss of gas / weight issue, the cylinders/bottles  must still be  sealed in order to apply the warranty.

5-3. Empty bottles are owned by the customer or must be returned ?

Empty cylinders / bottles remain the property of the customer.

5-4. The R404a will be banned in large plants starting from 01/01/2020. Can I easy easily replace it with another product ?

Many products have been introduced to replace the R404a (R407F / R407H / R448A / R449A / R452A and more). Please, consider that the system must be totally discharged before being charged with the new gas (the old R404a should not be mixed with the new ones). All other components are compatible and do not require modifications. To choose the best gas, although they are very similar, it is necessary to correctly evaluate the temperatures and operating pressures according to the new gas datasheet / performance.

5-5. Do you have telephone support ?

No, we do not have any telephone assistance for now (we are working on it and may be we will have within few months). At the moment we can provide an efficient support by email (contact form) and through WhatsApp (+393772024498).



6-1. I have many empty cylinders, can I get them refilled or have a discount if ask you for pick them up ?

We don't refill customer cylinders anymore. Anyway, we can collect them and give you a discount voucher. If you have a lot of empty bottles, you can check out our page dedicated to the management of empty bottles or contact us through the contact form.

6-2. Do you collect all kind of cylinders/bottles ?

We can collect all refillable cylinders with a valid expiration date. Refrigerant gas cylinders are generally valid for 10 years starting from the date of production.



7-1. There are different variants of the R422 gas (A / B / D) which replace the R22, what's the difference ?

The difference is very little : they are all mixtures suitable to replace the gas R22 and they have a very similar performance. The components of these mixtures are always the same (HFC 134a + HFC 125 + isobutane),only the proportion of these elements slightly changes to justify the copyright of the manufacturers. You can also mix them each other (R422A / R422B / R422D) without any problem.

7-2. Is there a dip tube into your cylinders ?

Only big 30/40/50 kg cylinders have the dip tube (and double tap). All others don't have it, so to quickly charge the gas in liquid phase we always suggest to put them upside down.

7-3. Is there any adapter to use your DIY KIT with standard cylinders/bottles ?

Unluckily there isn't any adapter available. The DIY KIT connector/thread on bottle side is ACME patented : you have to buy the small recharge bottles to continue using our DIY kit.


8-1. Is your gas new mint / pure ?

All cylinders are always filled with new pure gas. Also the refurbished cylinders (usually sold at lower prices) are refilled by us with pure new gas. We do not sell recovered/reclaimed gas.

8-2. Where does your gas come from ?

Our gas comes from the world greatest manufactureres and distributors (ARKEMA - HONEYWELL - SINOCHEM - MEXICHEM - CHEMOURS and more).

8-3. What do you mean by refurbished cylinders ?

It means that these cylinders are not new mint. They have already been  used for a while by some other customers. We can usually offer them at a lower price compared to new mint ones. Once the valve/tap has been checked, these cylinders are cleaned inside and refilled with new gas. Externally they may show signs of wear / scratches. The expiration date includes at least 2 remaining years and the warranty terms are the same compared to the new ones.


9-1. Are your bottles / cylinders safe and certified ?

All our bottles are CE certified for refilling, transport and use within the European Community.

9-2. Is it possible to take a look at safety data sheet (MSDS) of each gas ? How can I know the GWP of each gas ?

Yes, you can download them from the MSDS page of our site (safety data sheets). GWP infos are also there.